Offers Online Instruction for Students in Grades TK-6

On August 31, 2020, the South Bay Union School District launched a Virtual Academy as a school of choice for families that prefer that their children attend school virtually, rather than in-person. The Virtual Academy will remain online for the 2020-2021school year, providing flexibility for students and families. At the conclusion of the school year, students will be able to return to their home school, or based upon interest, the Academy will continue as a permanent option for families.

The Virtual Academy is a separate school, which offers students in grades TK-6 an engaging and personalized learning experience. The Academy includes rigorous curriculum, live instruction, recorded lessons, independent work time, and optional standards-based club activities. Students work from home with a combination of “live” and prerecorded lessons, as well as independent work using District- supported programs. With a focus on building collaborative relationships, the Virtual Academy encourages a feeling of community and social-emotional wellbeing through daily interactions with teachers and peers and community-building events. Academy students are taught the same high quality curriculum by fully- credentialed teachers as in-person instruction at other District schools.

Student choice and voice play an important role in the SBUSD Virtual Academy. Students reach their personal goals, better understand their role in the community and the world, and are encouraged to creatively express themselves and demonstrate their understanding through multiple means and modalities. Learning is Creative, Accessible, Relationship-based, and grounded in Equity (we CARE).

For more information about the SBUSD Virtual Academy, please visit the District Website ( If you are interested in attending the Academy, please complete the Interest Form, also available on the District Website.

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