This year’s National Day of Prayer theme is: “Pray God’s Glory Across the Earth!”

Romans 8:18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us. NAS

The National Day of Prayer scheduled for Thursday May 7 will not be canceled nor postponed. However, since we are not able to gather as groups of praying people in our churches things will be a little different this year. Across the country and throughout our cities and neighborhoods we are asking prayerful people to join together in solemn prayers for healing, for unity, and true leadership from our government in these very trying times.

In a time when corporate prayer is so essential, we have been relegated to praying individually. That does not diminish the power and effectiveness of our prayers. We encourage each and every one to join together, no matter where you are, at 12 noon on the Thursday, May 7, in our time zone, to pray for a number of specific categories. You may go online to to view the various categories that will help direct you in meaningful prayer.

The event will be broadcast, streamed and posted in many ways, including on the website at In addition, it can be seen on our Facebook Live that will be cross-posted by many of our partners, Instagram, and more. It can be viewed on television on GodTV, Daystar, NLC, and possibly more to come, and on radio through Moody and Bott Radio Networks.

Please pray with us now: Lord Jesus, we love You and praise You as our resurrected and reigning Lord and Savior. We yearn to see the knowledge and the worship of You fill the earth. We lift up thanks and praise as we also intercede for our nation and neighbors next door and around the world for Your provision and protection, for health and hope. We lift up our prayers and watch expectantly for Your glory to shine and spread across the earth.

With heartfelt thanks, Calvary Chapel Coronado Living Waters. Pamphlets are available to pick up outside Calvary Chapel Coronado at 1224 Tenth Street at the El Dorado Building.

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