Warning to Imperial Beach, the annual infestation of beetles on Sea Coast Boulevard at the Plaza will occur on Saturday, Oct. 9, aka Air Cooled Fiesta VIII.

Sea Coast Boulevard must be closed because these bugs in large numbers can clog the radiators and other cooling components of water cooled cars due to envy.

In addition to the beetles, Volkswagen busses, dune buggies, Bajas, Type 3’s and other VW models will be displayed. Air cooled Porsches and Corvairsare are invited along with early “water pumpers.” These are the Volkswagens that kept Beetles from reproducing in Germany.

Cars will be coming from all over Southern California and Northern Mexico. Vendors will be present with parts, memorabilia, and other remedies. (Bug repellent and slug bugging are banned.)

If you are fortunate enough to be the owner of one of these vehicles, you are invited to show it. Proceeds from the $30 donation will benefit local charities. The first 150 cars to register will receive a commemorative T shirt and a goody bag.

Spectators are free and very welcome. However, be warned you may be bitten by the bug. The symptoms of being bitten by these bugs include excessive drooling and feeling of nostalgia in older adults. However, rest assured that guards will be posted at each intersection to contain the bugs and keep water cooled cars away.

In addition to being a qualified 501C3 charity, the sponsor,San Diego Air Cooled, is a support group for air cooled Volkswagen owners. This service is much needed for owners of cherished 50 to 60 year old cars.

Roll in is at 7 a.m. and the show begins at 9 a.m. and ends around 2 p.m. when Sea Coast Boulevard will be safe for water cooled cars for another year.

Entertainment will be provided and the Sea Coast restaurants will be welcoming you.

For the humor challenged, this is actually a very special car show that is a lot of fun.

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