Will Nimmo


A sewage problem has plagued the city of Imperial Beach for years, and seems like an uphill battle. What new ideas and solutions do you bring to the table?


In terms of the Mexican trans-boundary sewage crisis, Imperial Beach can be summarized by one word: desperation. 

We are desperate for a change we haven’t seen in 80 years. We are desperate for attention to the quality of life issue that has gone ignored for too long. We are desperate for a new normalcy – without toxic effluent closing our local beaches.

We are a desperate city seeking real infrastructure solutions, and at times we have thrown enormous amounts of taxpayer money at the problem with no guarantee of returns. Too much money.

But to highlight the successes of our efforts are to find our strengths: the momentum gained through our lawsuit against the US International Boundary and Water Commission, the Congressional allocation of $300 million dedicated through the USMCA to combat trans-border sewage issues. These are key examples of the use of productive bipartisan diplomacy, and key examples of my position on how the City of IB needs to move forward on the issue.

In truth, it is the Federal Government whose voice should be the loudest, not ours.

I applaud the hard work and passion of many of our elected leaders. It’s clear that they understand the gravity of how this environmental/biological disaster radiates into every facet of living in IB. But we need a fresh perspective. We need someone able to bridge the gap between yesterday’s desperation and tomorrow’s hope.

This is why it’s important to elect a candidate willing and trusted to sit down with members of both parties, from the City Council to the Oval Office. I am a non-partisan for this reason and many more. I believe there are so many voices in our community and in our Country that, when joined together, can accomplish incredible things.

From media squabbles with neighboring leaders to shutting down voices at City Hall, I’m done with it all. We’ll need all the help we can get – it’s all hands on deck!

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