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Finals Week At Mar Vista High School

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Posted: Friday, December 27, 2019 1:15 pm

Last week marked the final week of the first semester for students at Mar Vista High School, and with that comes one of the most stressful weeks for them, finals week.

During this time, students are expected to study for exams for each of their classes, along with balancing all of their extracurriculars. Most final exams for classes are typically worth lots of points toward grades, so it is a very important time.

Each student has different strategies to succeed during finals week. Senior and football manager Katie Caggiano said, “I review and go over practice problems, and then ask for help.”

Junior Charles Bowlby said, “I write what I need to know down on flash cards, and then I find a group to study with.”

Senior Dylan Ralls said, ”I make study guides to help me out.”

Sophomore Dante Drolet said, “I mainly just review the notes I have through binders or notebooks.

Sophomore Bella Hernandez said, “I slept for eight hours or more every night and studied before school started.”

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the work that is given to students, particularly at the end of the year, when the window closes for lots of assignments to be turned in. To help stay afloat, Caggiano said, “I spread out my study for appropriate times. I would study for the test I had the next day, so I don’t have information for things that I don’t need to know yet in my head.”

Bowlby said, “I work on homework whenever I have the chance, whether that be in study period or afterschool at the library.

Ralls added, “I keep a list of everything that is due, including when it must be turned in.”

“I usually get all my studying in, but this year hasn’t been too bad for me specifically, so not much to balance,” Drolet said. “Typically, underclassmen get less work collectively compared to juniors and seniors.”

Hernandez said, “I study by myself at night and in the morning.

Of the sample interviewed, the hardest thing for each of them varied somewhat. Caggiano said, “The hardest part was the workload and how every teacher basically piled on work, and it was a struggle maintaining it all.”

Bowlby said, “It was definitely having the stress of disappointing my parents. It means a lot that I impress them.”

Ralls felt the stress from the type of classes he is taking. “It was having very difficult classes, with very little help in studying the material.”

Hernandez said, “The hardest part overall for me is that even though it’s the last week, it’s also the most important week and for some classes, you have to remember stuff you learned three or four months ago, and I don’t have a good memory at all.”

Every year of high school is different from the last, based off of the answers that were given when asked how their last school year compared with this one. Caggiano said, “This is my last year and I need to stay on top of things to keep my future in sight. I can’t afford to fail any classes with the risk of not graduating. More weight is on my [shoulders] than usual.”

Ralls and other seniors thoroughly agreed with this.

Hernandez, a sophomore, said, “The biggest difference this year that I didn’t have bad grades [going into finals], so in a way I didn’t stress out too much if my grades went down because it wouldn’t be going down. Also, overall, I studied more.”

The students of Mar Vista are halfway done with the entire school year. Congratulations on completing the first semester, and best wishes for their next one.

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