I Love to Glean partners with others to facilitate countywide food recovery systems that increase the capacity for recovery and distribution of otherwise wasted food to agencies serving those in need. Since their inception in April 2020, they have been able to facilitate the delivery of over 100,000 USDA Farm to Families food boxes, plus additional hundreds of thousands of pounds of rescued and donated food through our distribution partners in San Diego County. This has been achieved by working with multiple organizations to cobble together a system of borrowed trucks and volunteers.

Approximately 40 percent of all food produced is wasted. Tons of edible food is being sent to the landfill adding to landfill waste in San Diego County instead of being diverted to those in need. With the huge increase in our neighbors becoming newly food insecure it is imperative that they rescue all possible food and redirect it to feeding people.

They have started to activate I Love to Glean’s South County Food Hub which will enable them to bring in tons of food, sort it and redistribute to the dozens of distribution partners that work directly with food insecure families. The Food Hub is 4500 sq. ft. in Chula Vista and will enable us to socially distance and create the best environment for safe food handling using Covid protocols. Their long-term goal is to create a full-scale food bank in South County with a large kitchen so that we can stabilize donated food into various forms for redistribution to those in need.

I Love to Glean desperately needs donations of food, both refrigerated and non-refrigerated trucks and vans, cold and frozen storage equipment, volunteers that can pick up and deliver food as well as those needed to sort and repack food in our local warehouse. Monetary donations are also needed so they can keep the program going. Right now, their volunteers are using their own rent money to fund this program to keep the food flowing. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

Please let others know of their needs. I Love to Glean thanks you for helping them give food and hope to our neighbors.

Donations can be made through our website at www.ilovetoglean.org or please contact founder Karen Clay at 619-598-4912 or info@ilovetoglean.org .

I Love To Glean www.ilovetoglean.org 679 Anita Street, #B1 Chula Vista, Ca. 91911 619/598-4912 info@ilovetoglean.org

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