Oneonta Elementary School held its annual campaign week for student council elections last week. Students running for office were required to write an essay describing their qualities that they thought would make them a good student council representative and why their peers should vote for them then make a speech to the entire student body.

Fifth grade student Garret Condor knew from his election win last year that promising students to improve the cafeteria food, buying more balls for recess or making school “more fun” are good for a few extra votes they aren't very realistic. In his speech he told students “I'm not going to promise you candy, party's, or more recess, but I will promise you the most important things like friends coming together, working together, making things happen for us.”

Some of the projects he would like to see completed during his tenure “I would like to propose that the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students paint a school mural, start a school newspaper, along with having a ‘Student of the Month' and a ‘Teacher of the Month'.”

He concluded his speech with “This is Garret Conder and I approve of this message.”

Garret confessed afterwards “My dad wanted me to change the ending, he suggested I say something about ‘Vote for me” but I told him ‘Nope, I'm doing it the way they did in all the political commercials I saw on TV.”

Garret who won the election thinks his campaign slogan “Garret Conder, A smart, cool kid” had a lot to do with his success.

Oneonta Elementary School teachers Mary Connole-Howard and Desiree Million thanked all of the candidates who ran for Student Council positions and impressed by the many qualified students who were so willing to serve and since they all received solid support from their peers they made room for all of them.

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