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New Years Resolutions For High School Students At Mar Vista High School

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Posted: Friday, January 17, 2020 1:37 pm

It is now 2020 around the world, and with the new year in fruition comes new ideas, commitments, and goals. The idea of New Year’s resolutions is an extremely common one, and people of all ages, make them. A few high school students have shared what their goals are, as well as some insight into why so many people make them. Some shared similarities, while others made had some rather unique goals.

Most people make a few resolutions when the new year starts. Senior Dora Welch said, “Well one of my biggest resolutions is to be kinder to myself mentally and physically as in just reassuring myself when I need it.”

Welch become more specific with other goals she had made for herself. “I need to exercise more and take care of myself; no matter how cliche that is, it is an important goal of mine. Another resolution I made was to be more wise in spending my money for more important things and emergencies, seeing as I will be more or less on my own soon.”

Senior Mikayla Hoffower had a similar overall goal when she said hers “include staying happy and positive. I tend to be described as an optimistic person but also struggle with remaining consistent with that.”

Hoffower continued, “My second goal is following my own advice; I tend to give out good advice, but never follow it myself.”

To make sure certain goals succeed, they should begin with good planning beforehand, and continue during the process itself. Oftentimes goals can change during the process, too, and it is good to keep that in mind. For success, some Mar Vista students have it figured out.

Welch said, “When formulating my goals, I take what is reasonable and what I can see as being accomplished for myself into consideration because [it is important to know] what you are able to succeed on and where you might fail. Making goals that seem unreasonable and unlikely to reach for yourself may lead you to feeling defeated, and that should be avoided as much as possible. [I] look forward to creating attainable goals for myself so I can look towards a better and more positive outcome.”

Hoffower understands that making yourself accountable and giving yourself a time frame can help. She said of her resolutions, “My goals tend to begin in my journal or planner, I put them [in] way ahead of time and that forces me to do it, because it creates a sort of deadline for myself. And if I don’t reach my goal, I tend to feel really guilty about it, [partly because it is] written down…

“What I do to make sure I don’t fail … is to create deadlines or remind myself about them in a planner, or discuss them with friends and family.

“I also don’t set any goals that are too unrealistic,” she added.

There are also strategies to prevent giving up on goals.

Welch has similar tactics to help her focus on her resolutions. “In order to keep on track with resolutions, you should reassure yourself and keep up with your goals and the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal. For me I’ll jot down notes in a handheld planner.

As the year progresses, the challenge to maintain resolutions will become harder, but hopefully the wise advice of these Mariners will prove useful, especially as Mar Vista begins back to school this week.

Good luck, and happy new year.

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