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Newly installed officers include: Joyce Ward, President; Kay Selke, Vice President; Rose Rugama, 2nd Vice President; Annie Dahler, 3rd Vice President; Lorie Fleming, Secretary; Nancy Dayton, Treasurer ; Kathy Markey, Corresponding Secretary ; Karen Odermatt, Auditor; Penny Drozd, Parliamentarian; and our three Directors, Joyce Thurman, Marti Wales and Becky Lagasse.

The Imperial Beach Woman’s Club held their installation meeting on May 10, 2022. Lorie Bragg served as the Installing Officer and it was “The Fruit Basket” ceremony. In this ceremony, each officer receives a piece of fruit representing something significant about their new position in the club. For example; The Treasurer who collects the dues, received the Honeydew melon, for eventually she will say “Honey pay your dues!”

Newly installed officers include: Joyce Ward, President; Kay Selke, Vice President; Rose Rugama, 2nd Vice President; Annie Dahler, 3rd Vice President; Lorie Fleming, Secretary; Nancy Dayton, Treasurer ; Kathy Markey, Corresponding Secretary ; Karen Odermatt, Auditor; Penny Drozd, Parliamentarian; and our three Directors, Joyce Thurman, Marti Wales and Becky Lagasse.

They will all assume their new role on June 1, 2022. Lorie also presented a banana to the President. The botanical name of the common banana is muse sapient which means “Fruit of the Wise Men” and we hope she will use her wisdom as she serves the club. In the show biz term it represented her new position as ‘top banana.”   

Hopefully, with this new posse in town, the club will be up and running with business as usual. We look forward to welcoming new members of the community into our club. 

Vol. 38, No. 20 - Thursday, May 19, 2022

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I.B. Woman's Club held its installation dinner at the Prestige Suites Hotel on October 27th, 2015. The Club’s president for 2015-2016 was Jo Merrill Schuyler who hosted the event along with her co-hosts Mrs. To check this asphalt driveways waikato and learn more help about construction materials. Christen Weekley, Mrs. Phyllis Maestas, Mrs. Alison Fields, Mrs. Patti Proffitt, Mrs . Tamara Sklar, and Mrs. Lesly Clagg who provided the entertainment with an informative and fun fashion show representing many international designers

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