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New Murals Take Their Places At Cow-A-Bunga In Imperial Beach

Posted: Tuesday, May 12, 2015 9:21 am

Three weekends and with a lot of artist paint, two new murals were finished on Saturday, May 2, and added to Imperial Beach’s collection of artistic murals. These two new murals may be found in the Cow-A-Bunga Ice Creamery and Coffee Shop located on the pier plaza in Imperial Beach. What truly makes these murals extra special is that they were painted by 12 year old and 13 year old artists. Elian Gomez 12, and Ily Alfred 13, both of Imperial Beach worked on these two murals along with one of their art instructors, Josue Merigo 23, of San Ysidro. Both artists are extremely talented and are capable of doing an entire mural by themselves.

They are all part of a young group of artists who work on real world projects. They are known as, “The Art Kids of San Diego County,” and the organization is now starting in on its 12th year. Both of these young artists are published and professional artists. Alfred, 13, has her own business where she is a professional face painter and travels throughout the San Diego area doing both community events and private parties. She also just won the Sun and Sea poster contest for Imperial Beach. Gomez, 12, has worked on two murals prior to these and is tried and proven to be very talented when it comes to art.

Both artists will be participating in the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, face painting at the annual Southwestern College Open House at the aquatic center on May 17. Beginning on May 15, they will have two of their works of art displayed for a month at the Bonita Museum and Cultural Center in Bonita. Also they were just notified that from their own group they were two of eight artists that were chosen to be published in the upcoming book by Creative Arts. They will have one of their paintings published in this art publication.

Alfred has been part of “The Art Kids of San Diego County” now for three years while Elian has only been on board for one year. The program teaches young artists how to paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, face paint and make jewelry. It also shows each student how to market and sell their talents to the public. The program runs year around and to date has produced ten professional artists. They have their own website and sell their works of art through the website. 

At present the program has 22 students and meets every Saturday and Sunday. One must be interviewed and audition for a spot in this organization. If accepted the artist goes on scholarship and receives $7,500 worth of lessons and materials all for free. One may find all the information on the organization by accessing their website.