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Sustainable Seafood Tastings At Bluewater Boathouse

by Joe Ditler | Posted: Saturday, September 6, 2014 11:07 am

Bluewater Boathouse, Coronado’s newest restaurant, is part of a family of six Bluewater restaurants specializing in sustainable seafood. Since taking over the historic Coronado Boathouse in July, Bluewater continues to spread its passion for the freshest sustainable seafood available for lunch and dinner at the 1887 Boathouse.

Beginning Tuesday, September 9, Bluewater will feature a sampling of seafood and shellfish that has been sustainably caught or farmed to standards established by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program, the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach Seafood for the Future program or the Marine Stewardship Council.

The special September menu will allow guests to select three courses, including a raw shellfish or hot seafood starter, their signature New England clam chowder, an entrée, and all-you-can eat sourdough bread and butter. Valued at $60, the special $34.95 menu includes a chosen tasting of Oregon’s Acrobat wines - voted best wine to pair with seafood and oysters.

The Sustainable Seafood Feast menu includes a wide variety of oysters, sea scallops, arugula crab and avocado salads, crab cakes and a variety of fresh fish from which to choose. Additionally, the menu will include New England clam chowder, cedar plank Atlantic salmon, Manila clams, grilled swordfish and many more fresh, sustainable seafood items.

Bluewater works closely with industry experts to ensure best-practice standards for sustainable fishing and harvesting. Extremely popular throughout Orange County, Arizona and Catalina, the sustainable tasting events make their debut in Coronado this month. The restaurant family’s annual tribute to sustainable seafood and shellfish is one of the most popular tasting and pairing celebrations of the year. 

Beyond the Sept. 9 event, which includes the wine pairing, customers at all six Bluewater restaurants can order the special meal all month long and add the highlighted Acrobat wines at regular prices.

“We hosted a sustainable seafood feast in 2012 to show our customers just how easy it is to make responsible seafood choices – and it was such a hit, we made it a permanent part of our monthly tasting series,” said Jimmy Ulcickas, Bluewater Grill co-founder.  “In addition to tasting the freshest sustainably caught or harvested fish, participants can learn tips on cooking and serving fish, menu-planning and wine-pairing. The result is a seafood celebration that is fun, flavorful, educational and completely fascinating at the same time.”

To date, more than 90 percent of seafood offerings at the Bluewater restaurants are sustainably caught or farmed – among the highest of any seafood restaurants in California. To be deemed sustainable, the seafood or shellfish must be certified by the Aquarium of the Pacific Seafood for the Future program; be designated a “Best Or Good Alternative Choice” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program; or adhere to strict Marine Stewardship Council best-practice standards for sustainable harvesting.

Bluewater Grill locations include Newport Beach, in Cannery Village; Tustin, at the District at Tustin Legacy; Redondo Beach, at King Harbor; and Phoenix, in the Camelback neighborhood of central Phoenix. Recent additions to the growing family include Bluewater Avalon on the Avalon waterfront on Santa Catalina Island, and Bluewater Boathouse Seafood Grill, in the iconic former Hotel del Coronado Boathouse on Coronado Island. Bluewater has announced plans to open a seventh Bluewater restaurant in fall 2014 in Temecula Wine County. 

Coronado’s Bluewater Boathouse is located at 1701 Strand Way, across the street from the historic Hotel del Coronado. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner daily and is open from 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. To make reservations call (619) 435-0155.

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