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Yoga With Shawna has relocated to a new spot. The new studio on Hwy 75 features a variety of classes, a boutique with clothing and items for sale, healthy drinks and much more.


Five years ago Shawna Schenk opened a studio called Yoga With Shawna in the Silver Strand Plaza and received a great welcome from the community who enjoyed her classes. Her studio continued to do well and made it through the pandemic by offering online and outdoor classes, until eventually classes went back to normal. But this past July, the lease ran out and Schenk was without a studio for a few months. She began offering outdoor classes in the grassy area by Pier Plaza, but was notified she couldn’t do yoga there anymore after September 1. At that point Schenk knew she had to find a new location for her studio. “I looked at properties in Coronado and Pacific Beach…but I have been in Imperial Beach for six years, had clients here… then drove by [this place] and saw the sign. I called immediately,” she said of the current location, the former Imperial Beach Pharmacy on Highway 75.

Schenk made things happen quickly to get the studio ready to open as soon as possible. Open for a couple of weeks now, the new studio is 2,200 square feet - much larger than the old one - and Schenk has created different areas for private sessions and massages. While in the past she had some items for sale, she now has a retail shop with many items for sale - clothing for men and women, spiritual and inspirational items, accessories like necklaces and bracelets, crystals, essential oils and sugar scrubs. Some essential oils are pre-packaged but Schenk can create individualized bottles based on her client’s needs. One more addition is the Plant Medicine Bar where you can buy healthy drinks made on site like coffee substitutes which help digestion, cognitive health and restore alkaline balance. These drinks have names like Dandelion Dark Roast and Almond Amaretto. More choices are Herbal Teas, Mushrooms Teas, which help the body adapt to any type of stress, and Healthy Shots like the Super Watermelon, Apple (Cider Vinegar) Pie, and Black Attack. Healthy Shots have different purposes including anti-inflammatory, serotonin boosting, and help with weight loss and removing toxins. Kombucha is also available and is made locally. “I’m trying to promote healthy drinks, aside from the classic teas,” she said.

Schenk wants the place to be a gathering location where everyone can come in and get a healthy drink, shop for essential oils or clothing, stop by for a massage, a 30 minute yoga session or just hang out. In the future she would like to offer some healthy foods like Açaí bowls.

Schenk has also created an area of the studio as a reflection corner. Anyone can come in and write a message and leave it in a basket. “Send love by writing a message. Whatever you believe in. We’re spiritual,” she explained. There are also positive messages throughout the studio, including the ceiling so students can see them when they’re lying down for a class. “So when you’re here you see them and you feel better,” she said.

While the studio continues to offer yoga classes, reiki, sound healing, meditation, aromatherapy and more, Schenk hopes to attract new students and encourages everyone to give yoga a try. She is offering a noon yoga class which is beginner friendly. “I know when I first started I was intimidated. But anybody can do it, anybody of any age, and it shouldn’t be stressful,” she said. Come on your lunch break and take a 30 minute relaxation class,” she said. Schenk plans on having the studio open all day in the near future, so residents can check out the store and the studio any time of day. “Whenever the door is open, come in,” Schenk said.

Schenk is a published author of a dozen books including a number of training books and one geared for young people entitled “Yoga For Teens.” Schenk who is originally from New Jersey, first tried yoga after she suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. She was a writing professor at a university at that time, and after doing some research she found an 80-year-old Indian yoga teacher. After taking private lessons she saw a change within herself. “It changed my life. It made me strong… yoga taught me to speak up,” she said. After becoming certified, Schenk moved to San Diego and taught yoga for a number of years before going on her own and opening her first studio in Imperial Beach.

Schenk has been behind the very popular San Diego Yoga Festival - which took place in Imperial Beach for a number of years until the COVID pandemic. Although she speaks fondly of the festival she organized, she is taking a break from it until the time feels right.

Schenk is excited about the new studio and all its new offerings, and she believes things always have a way of working out in the end. “This makes you feel stuff can happen, but it always works out,” she said.

Schenk offers trainings and certifications as well as retreats. Some of her classes include Sound Healing + Aromatherapy, Lunch Time Yoga, and Relax + Breath. “I want to help people feel better,” she said.

Yoga With Shawna, 720 Hwy 75. For more information and class schedule log on

Vol. 38, No. 43 - Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022

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