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N.S. Threading specializes in eyebrow and facial threading as well as henna tattoos recently opened on Palm Avenue.

It’s only been one month since it opened, but already N.S. Threading is becoming known in Imperial Beach. This new business specializes in eyebrow and facial threading, and henna tattoos.

N.S. Threading’s location in Imperial Beach is Nilo Khan’s and Sonya Majooja’s third location. They first opened in National City in 2015 followed by a store in San Diego on Camino del Rio. The two owners, who are originally from India, have been using threading as a hair removal method since they were young girls. Khan and Majoojia met when they both worked together at a threading salon in Plaza Bonita in 2011 and then decided to go in business together.

“Threading is hair removal from the roots, it lasts longer, and is more precise [than other methods,]” explained Khan. Threading is popular in India and Central Asia and is done, as the name implies, with a thread that is doubled and twisted to remove hair from the follicle. This method can remove rows of hair at a time, so the hair grows back at the same rate.

Khan and Majooja offer threading for the whole body including underarms, face and legs. Khan said getting your eyebrows threaded only takes about 5 minutes and she recommends threading about every three weeks to keep your eyebrows in good shape. “Your skin doesn’t get saggy and there are no ingrown hair… no skin reactions” she explained.

When Khan still lived in India she worked in the threading business for weddings parties. Khan said at first she came across people who had never heard of threading, but now some of her customers have followed her for 10 years. “The thing I like is to do make people smile,” she said about her line of work. “It’s becoming more popular now…it changes your face.”

Henna tattoos is another service offered at N.S. Threading. Henna tattoos are temporary, last about two weeks and Khan’s sister and Majooja’s sister are the technicians who specialize in this service. Henna tattoos’ origin is hard to pinpoint but people in Africa, Egypt, the Middle East and India have been using them for 5,000 years. The design of the tattoos can be intricate, flowing, and can have geometric shapes, mandalas and more. Henna is made from a paste from the powder of dried leaves of the henna plant. These tattoos are usually done on hands and feet, and are best known for being part of pre-wedding ceremony.

N.S. Threading is located in the former Ollie Angel store, has three stations, is bright, clean and has Indian music playing in the background.

N.S. Threading prices are reasonable. Eyebrow threading starts at $12, henna tattoos start at $10.

N.S. Threading, 235 Palm Avenue. Call 619-591-9951. Appointments are not necessary for threading. Hours: Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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