Jack’s Fire Pit ...

Jack’s Fire Pit, a restaurant/bar is scheduled to open by the end of August or beginning of September.

If you have noticed some remodeling at the former location of IB Public House and wondering what is happening - a new restaurant and bar is coming to town.

Jack’s Fire Pit will open its doors around the end of August or beginning of September, said owner David Schiffman who with long time business partners Vania Raitano are opening the restaurant. The first location and original Jack’s Fire Pit was located inside The Double Deuce in the Gaslamp district where both Schiffman and Raitano are managing partners. The duo has ownership interests in other restaurants - Whiskey Girl, Voltaire Beach House and Rabbit Hole.

The idea of Jack’s Fire Pit inside the Double Deuce, which falls under the category of a nightclub, came about during the pandemic. “The Double Deuce had never served food before and [with Jack’s Fire Pit] we opened it up to other people,” said Schiffman.

Although the restaurant did well for about six months, The Double Deuce is currently closed due to staffing shortage but plans to reopen in September. “It’s a scary thought that the pandemic is over and we can’t staff the business. We hope it’ll turn around soon,” he said.

The restaurant employee shortage has caused Jack’s Fire Pit in Imperial Beach to open later than expected.

Schiffman is excited about opening a venue in Imperial Beach. “This is the first free standing Jack’s Fire Pit restaurant,” he said.

Schiffman was looking for a small place in an area that was up and coming, and when he saw the location, he knew it was right. Schiffman likes the fact that there are other local businesses around and hopes the locals and military personnel will visit Jack’s Fire Pit and make it a regular place to go. Schiffman believes Jack’s Fire Pit will fit the area.

He is currently working on the venue to create a Southern Country style vibe with wood and metal decor, variety of seating, craft beers and American cuisine dishes. Karaoke and live music are planned and 10 TVs are being installed so that customers can watch their favorite sports teams play, including UFC fights. While the menu is not finalized yet, Schiffman plans to add to it, with about 25 to 30 items to chose from, as well as offering specials for food and drinks.

“It will be nice and diverse,” he said. “t’s a nice selection and a step up from bar food.”

Schiffman is also considering the idea of offering brunch during football games. Jack’s fire Pit will be open at 11 a.m., seven days a week, until possibly midnight on weekends. Jack’s Fire Pit is for customers 21 years and older.

Schiffman, who has been in the restaurant business for 30 years, is excited to open a business in Imperial Beach. Schiffman, who is originally from New York, came to San Diego by way of Florida when he was 21. “I got involved in the restaurant business when I was living in Florida during my college years. I got more involved…it’s my passion and followed the course, there is no turning back,” he said.

“Imperial Beach is going to like it, it’s not over the top and it fits the area well. I hope everyone will like it,” said Schiffman.

Jack’s Fire Pit, 995 Palm Avenue.

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