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Hezha Sulyman is the owner of the recently opened IB Supplements & Nutrition.

In 2007 Hezha Sulyman became interested in body building. “I became a gym freak, one of those guys who are hard core,” he said. He became so enthralled with this new hobby that years later it led to opening a business specializing in nutrition, catering to body builders and those who take fitness seriously.

Over time Sulyman studied and learned about which supplements to take and the right nutrition he needed to achieve his results. Others at the gym often asked him for advice on nutrition and supplements. His knowledge gave him the idea for a business. “Why not open my own supplement shop?” he thought. Last weekend Sulyman’s dream of owning a store became a reality when he opened IB Supplements & Nutrition.

Although Sulyman had wanted to have a store for the past five years, he was unable to because of his work commitments. Sulyman was a contractor with the military running operations as cultural advisor for a total of 12 years. As a contractor, Sulyman was based in Fort Irwin NTC in Barstow, California, but traveled extensively. “I wanted to be my own boss but never had the time because of my travels,” he said.

Sulyman grew up in San Diego, and is of Kurdish background. He lives in Lakeside with his wife and children, and looked all over San Diego for the right location to open a supplement and nutrition store. He chose Imperial Beach because there is no competition for his business and it’s closer to Navy bases. “Working with the military over the years I know which supplements they need,” he said.

Using the right supplements and following the right nutrition are both very important for athletes and gym goers who want to achieve certain fitness levels. Protein, fats, and carbs are vital for the body to recover and repair the right way, and allow muscle growth.

Sulyman was careful in choosing the brands he carries. He is also aware of the different needs of people and is well versed in giving advice to his customers based on not only their goals but health factors like cholesterol and diabetes.

Sulyman carries a large variety of products that are lactose free, vegan and organic. “I picked some of the best top companies,” he said. The shelves in the new store are filled with products from pre-workout drinks, to meal replacements, from muscle recovery to appetite enhancers. In addition, vitamins, collagen for women, protein bars, and vegan protein are available. In a cooler, drinks like Gatorlyte, a new product which is a mix of electrolytes with Gatorade not easily available elsewhere is for sale as well as C4 and Bang energy drinks. Many protein bars including One brand are also on the shelves. Sulyman has been able to carry products other major brand name stores don’t have, as well as well known brands in the fitness world including Optimize. Many of the products like gainers come in a variety of sizes from 5 pounds to 15, so that customers can choose to buy small sizes and try the flavors, or go for the big package if they are already familiar with it.

“I’m very excited,” said Sulyman of his new venture. “There is not anything like this around.” The store features a catchy logo and black and red colors. T-shirts and other gear like shakers are for sale. Sulyman plans to add products to the store based on his customers’s requests. He is also ready to give advice to his customers on products he sells based on the individuals needs and workout type.

IB Supplements & Nutrition, 600 Palm Avenue, Suite 105. Hours: Everyday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call (619) 396-6964.

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Vol. 38, No. 19 - Thursday, May 12, 2022

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