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Psychic Visions and Gifts reopened after a short hiatus.

Spiritual Therapist Tiffany “Nasta” is only 28 years old, but has known she had a gift since the age of 9. By the time she was 21, she realized and accepted her calling. About a year ago she opened Psychic Visions and Gifts on Palm Avenue.

When she was 9 years old, Nasta started seeing spirit orbs and angels. “I was always feeling things to the point where I had to voice them out, like telling my friend’s mom things… later I came forward with it and started to control it. I couldn’t blurt out [things,]” she said.

In high school she was homeschooled because she couldn’t focus in a crowded place like a classroom. The same happened in places like restaurants, because she was feeling the whole place spiritually. “With homeschooling I connected myself and grounded myself. It was me learning how to control it, balance and understand what was positive or negative,” she explained.

Nasta was born and raised in San Diego and lived in Imperial Beach for a while when she was 12 years old. Because of her love for the city, when it came time to open a store, she settled on Imperial Beach. “I have never gotten over how much I loved Imperial Beach. I always had a spiritual connections to Imperial Beach,” she said.

Nasta’s original plan was to study marine biology but her spiritual gift became too strong and she decided to concentrate on that, and at 21 years old she studied with the Hopi tribe in Arizona. She feels fortunate she was able to connect with her Hopi relatives. (Her great-grandmother was Hopi.) While spending time with the Hopi, she increased her knowledge and spiritual gift.

The gift has been in her family for eight generations and but she can’t use it on herself.

“I learned more about meditation and how to work with the universe with crystals, incense, oils, and herbs,” she said.

Nasta is able to combine and draw from different places for her psychic gift. “I’m Catholic, I have no judgement against any religion…it’s more about spirituality. I can’t foresee the future, only God can,” she said.

Nasta opened her first business at 25 years old in Chula Vista and then moved to Imperial Beach. Although the store was open for a while there was a problem with the conditional use permit and Nasta closed over the summer and reopened in October.

Nasta explained that the most basic of her services is palm reading followed by tarot cards - which connects with a higher energy - and finally the most accurate and detailed is the psychic reading based off the aura.

“I cannot say 100 percent what I see for the future. It’s based on the decisions you make and what I feel is your life’s path coming forth,” she said.

Nasta also said it is important for her to make a psychic connection with her clients for a better reading. Nasta pointed out that often it’s our own personal issues that cause spiritual, physical and emotional problems.

“The goal is to get more connected with our spiritual self,” she said. That connection can be achieved through different methods like using incense, oils and herbs.

Nasta plans to offer spiritual spa services including rock quartz facials and chakra massages. She is already offering private meditation classes. Nasta is also a licensed relationship/life coach. “What I do here is give guidance and direction, reunite lost love, help with mental health and those who struggle with addiction…I help people understand themselves,” she said.

Nasta explained that although she helps people understand themselves, ultimately it’s up to them and the decisions they make.

During the pandemic she noticed more people trying to connect with their spiritual side. “Here I create a unique experience, detailed to each client,” she said. “It’s something I always felt called to do. I pushed it away at first, but my gift was so strong I decided to further develop it and understand it,” she said.

Nasta’s clients come as far as Los Angeles. “Some people come once a month, others twice a year, and come from different walks of life to get some form of guidance,” she said.

The gift store offers many items including bath salts, books, tarot cards, oils, and crystal jewelry.

Psychic Visions and Gift, 934 Palm Avenue. Hours: Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday by appointment only. For psychic services, appointments are recommended. Call 619- 603-7077.

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