"Lunches On Us" ...

Performance Plus Physical Therapy will hold “Lunches on Us” tomorrow for former and current patients, anyone in financial need or just wants a warm meal and get out of the house.

Since Performance Plus Physical Therapy opened last year it has quickly become part of the community. As such, owner Todd Sparks and his staff will hold “Lunches on Us” tomorrow Friday, May 22.

The office has stayed open throughout the pandemic and Sparks and his team have decided to prepare lunch for anyone who wants a meal.

“It’s for the community as a whole as three categories: for our past and current patients as a token of appreciation; for those in need of a warm meal during these trying times; and even for those who are not in need but need to get out of the house and get a smile. The food is prepared in the safety of the staff’s homes and we’re serving it outside practicing social distancing,” said Sparks.

Sparks explained that there will be markings on the ground every six feet for social distancing and everyone will be wearing facial coverings. “It’ll be grab and go, no gatherings. For safety we ask everyone to wear a mask,” he said.

The staff who plans on having 70 to100 meals available. Tables will be set up and lunches will placed in to-go containers. The meal will consist of parmesan chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and Mexican corn. Drinks and dessert will also be provided as well as utensils and paper plates.

Like other businesses Performance Plus Physical Therapy has suffered the consequences of the pandemic. “We’ve been open but we’ve lost half of our business. We offer Telehealth if people don’t feel safe coming in and do a version of physical therapy at home. We keep the clinic clean and allow only a limited number of patients and follow guidelines,” explained Sparks.

“Lunches on Us” will be held tomorrow at 12 p.m. outside the clinic at 600 Palm Avenue in the Silver Strand Plaza.

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